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City Water Treatment
TEW Water Processing

Water Quality

Typical water constituents are classified under
  • Coarse particles like leaves, twigs etc.
  • sand particles
  • suspended solids, which mostly are settleable
  • colloidal particles, which cause turbidity
  • microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, algae etc.
  • dissolved organic matters
  • dissolved minerals
  • dissolved gases like O2, CO2 etc.
  • specific parameters like pH, total hardness, alkalinity, silica, iron/manganese etc

TEW Water Processing

 involves the removal of water constituents to achieve the degree of purity required for

  • Potable and drinking water
  • Industrial water
  • Irrigation
The duty of a municipal water treatment plant is to provide potable water which is chemically and bacteriologically safe for human consumption
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For a conventional TEW water treatment process,there are some alternatives and optional modifications like
  • multi-stage mixing / flocculation System presedimentation unit
  • direct filtration process etc
The process selection dependsdirectly on the available raw water quality
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