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Containerized Reverse Osmosis

Economic Reverse Osmosis Containe
All parts and equipment are installed and fixed inside the Container including all piping and cabling. Therefore the delivery and Installation time is shorter than for a conventional plant inside a hall
At site only the connections of raw water, power cable to the Container and connection of permeate water outlet from the Container to any tank or points of use should be done.It needs a very simple concrete Foundation for levelling the Container and collecting the drained water


Their hydraulic development is Standard in international power stations with extremely high efficiency. It needs a very simple concrete foundation for levelling the container and collecting the drainded water.

• Easy installation
• Easily extendable
• flexibility
• Ready for operation in short time
• Easy loading and transportation
• Low local preperation
The units can be easily extended with thermal insulation and air conditioning, double glass window and side door. Additional Service Containers for storing spare parts, laboratory sink, office room, intermediate tanks, pure water tanks, working desk and filing of the plant Operation can be provided locally to optimize the investment or quoted by TEW.
If the SDI of the input water is too high a Standard prefiltration System has to be installed
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