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Water production for a gas field MAN Ferrostaal
This Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Plant produces drinking and industrial water for a gas field in the desert of Karakum. The system includes all necessary pre- and post-treatment to process Caspian Sea water from an open sea water intake according to EU standards.
This plant is designed to provide high purity water demands of continuous operation in harsh environment. It is premium engineered to be the best industry can offer
Feed water TDS: 20.000 mg/l Permeate TDS: 200 mg/l
Feed pressure: 32 bar
Recovery: 50 %
Capacity: 250 m³/day
Customer: MAN Ferrostaal Location: Gas field Karakum

Other TEW RO plants:  
Feed water TDS: 38.000 mg/l Permeate TDS: 300 mg/l
Capacity: 2.000 m³/d Feed water TDS: 42.000 mg/l
Permeate TDS: 400 mg/l
Capacity: 8.000 m³/d

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