Industrial Water Treatment

Industrial applications
Any type of industry has its own treated water quality requirement and is sensitive to different Parameters in its treated waters, forexample
Electronic industries
Ultrapure waters: specific resistance: >18 Megohm.Cm at 18°C SiO2: <10 ppb Heavy metals: <10 ppb Particles: >0,5 <5 (im: <100/1 >5 <10 (im: <1/1 Na: <10 ppb)
Pharmaceutical Industries
Pure, pyrogen-free waters
Drinking Standard & controlled hardness
• Alkalinity
• organic matters (organohalides)
Reverse Osmosis units with different elements are being used successfully for recovering and recycling water and some constituents in industrial waste waters as galvanic/oily wastes etc.
  • Boile feed water
  • Beverage and food
  • Textile
  • Chemical
  • Metall
  • Oil refineries
  • Electronic
Industrial Water Treatment 1
Industrial Water Treatment 2